RE:     Private Members Bill C–201 “Travel and Accommodation deductions for tradespersons”


I would like to thank our Local Unions, Political Action Committee’s, and members, fortheir support andefforts made towards getting this important piece of legislation passedin the House of Commons.

Private Members Bill C–201 was an attempt to amend the Income Tax Act to allow tradespersons andapprentices in the construction industry to deduct travel andaccommodation expenses should they have to travel more than 80km from their personalresidence to obtain work.

Unfortunately this Bill was defeated last night after secondreading. The results of the vote were 149 against to 126 infavour. All Conservative MP’s including Prime MinisterStephen Harper voted against the Bill.Meanwhile all NDP,Liberal, and Green Party members voted in favour of sendingthe Bill to Committee to befurther studied.

Although this Bill was defeated we feel that we were able to bring a positive debate about this important issue to the table that the governing party cannot ignore. As such there is some hope that the Conservatives will take ownership for similar legislation that could be included in either the upcoming 2014 Budget or in Government legislation later on in the spring session.

I would encourage all members to contact their MP’s and thank those who voted in favourof this legislation.For those members with a Conservative MP who did not support BillC–201 please follow up with them and find out why they voted against the Bill, and whatwould be required for them to support similar legislation in the future. Please share that information with this office as it could play a key role in creating a successfulcampaign in the future around similar legislation.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Bill Daniels