April 17, 2018

Myron Becker
AVP, Labour Relations
Canadian Pacific Railway
7550 Ogden Dale Road SE
Calgary, Alberta
T2C 4X9

Dear Mr. Becker,

This is the first notice as per the provisions of Section 87.2 (1) of the Canada Labour Code Part 1 that all Members of System Council No. 11 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers working for Canadian Pacific Railway will remove their services effective at 00:01 EDT Saturday April 21, 2018. Not later than the effective date and time stated herein, the Union expects all employees covered under Wage Agreement No.1 to be at their place of residence. Employees working away from their place of residence are to be provided the time and means to ensure they will be able to comply accordingly.

Yours truly,
Steven J. Martin
Senior General Chairman
IBEW System Council No. 11
119 Wheatland Drive
Cambridge, Ontario N1P 1E2

c.c. Minister of Labour
C/o Peter Simpson
Director General

72 Hour Strike Notice CP 2018