RE: Update on Private MembersBill C-377 in the Senate


On Tuesday April 16th, 2013 the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, the Hon. James S. Cowan, stood up to speak against Private Members Bill C-377.Senator Cowan spoke passionately for approximately an hour explaining the many pitfalls of this bill and concluded with these thoughts;

“…but !(this bill does somehow pass, I want the official record to showvel)’ clearly that it passed even though we all knew of its stunning short comings and its horrendous drajiing.

I urge you to read the Senators speech in its entirety, which we have attached,and share this with our members. Let them see the many shortfalls this  onerous legislation will apply to labour organisations such as the IBEW. Our office has had the privilege to meet with several Senators, including Senator Cowan, to xpress the many concerns we have with this invasive legislation.We will continue to our efforts in the hopes of meeting with more Senators in order to share our thoughts and concerns with this bill.

In Solidarity

Phil Fleming