May 21,2011

Sisters and Brothers;

I have received notice that the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC-RTE & TCRC-RCTC) have issued
a 72 hour strike notice to take effect at 00:01-MDT on Wednesday May 23,2O12

The System Council #11 of the IBEW supports the TCRC-RTE & TCRC-RTC (Running Trade Employees & Rail Traffic Controllers) in their efforts to obtain the collective bargaining issues that are importan to

It is crucial to note that the Canada Labour Code (the “Code”) specifically prohibits the union from
authorizing, or the employees from participating, in strikes during the currency of a collective agreement.

As we are not in a legal strike/lockout position we must report to our regular work assignments as usual.
As a general matter, if we refuse to cross a picket line, contrary to the Companies instructions we will be
found to have engaged in an unlawful strike or we may be guilty of insubordinate conduct and could be
subject to disciplinary action.

Should you encounter any difficulties please contact your immediate Supervisor.
lf you wish to support our Brothers and Sisters of the TCRC-RTE & TCRC-RCTC on the picket line after
your normal work hours please feel free to do so, however do not indicate that the System Council #11
of the IBEW is on strike, further, do not hinder vehicles entering or leaving Company property, or engage
in any violent behaviour.

System Council #11 of the IBEW wishes the TCRC-RTE & TCRC-RCTC and their Members success in
achieving their goals.

In Solidarity,

Brian Strong