Brothers and Sisters

I am writing you today to bring to your attention the importance of getting medical insurance from a private insurance company while traveling outside of Canada. The cost of this insurance is minimal yet the benefits can protect the health and welfare of both you and your family for a lifetime.

Recently one of our brother’s family member experienced an unexpected incident while on vacation in the USA. The family member was hospitalized for an extended period while on vacation. As you may or may not know the company has a limited amount of insurance that is provided for through our extended health care benefits however in this case it was not near enough to cover the extended stay in the hospital.

Our member received an invoice from this hospital in the excess of 117 thousand dollars. As you can well imagine our member was shocked to receive this bill that was not covered by our benefits that is under our collective agreements.

Thankfully CN came to the forefront in this case and assisted our member through his difficulty which we commend CN for doing so. Although in this case the medical bill was covered by CN it has now maxed out his life time benefits under the terms of our collective agreement and our member still has other bills that he was not covered for that he had to pay such as, hotel rooms, airfare, meals, etc of which put a additional strain on their family that he is responsible for.

In closing, I want all our members to be aware of this incident and to reinforce to all of you to make sure that while traveling out of country that you take out extra coverage for the period of time that you are away. The cost of the extra insurance is minimal and can be purchased through various providers.

In Solidarity,

Brian Strong